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We all know someone who has thought about leaving the faith, who has wondered if it’s all real. Maybe we are that person. This song is for the doubters, the skeptics, the hurting. It’s a reminder that though we are tempted to wander, God rushes after us with open arms. “There’s a truth that’s more than all I feel” — there’s a Rock who is steady through the fiercest storms. This worship track is raw and honest about our struggles, but it overflows with hope meant to point our friends—and us—back to Jesus.

  1. I Set My Hope (Hymn for a Deconstructing Friend)
  2. All My Boast Is in Jesus
  3. God of Every Grace
  4. Our God Will Go Before Us
  5. All My Boast Is in Jesus – Acoustic Version
  6. God of Every Grace – Acoustic Version
  7. Our God Will Go Before Us – Acoustic Version