New Irish Hymns


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Margaret Becker, Máire Brennan, Joanne Hogg (2001) 

New Irish Hymns is a collection of songs by the composer and conductor Keith Getty. This album features the vocal talents of Máire Brennan (Clannad), Joanne Hogg (Iona) and Margaret Becker from the US. Together these three talented women weave a tapestry of timeless worship for the global Church as each hymn unfolds, taking different aspects of the life and works of Christ, and seeking to develop them further.

Throughout the album, Getty seamlessly combines modern soundscapes with traditional instruments. Using ethereal keyboard washes, haunting lyrical melodies, and celtic rhythms, New Irish Hymns is bound to draw inevitable comparisons with the work of Iona and Clannad; especially with the inclusion of Brennan and Hogg on the project.

In Christ alone, just one of the albums highlights, sees composer Getty collaborating with Kingsway and Stoneleigh champion Stuart Townend to produce work of enduring quality. Brennan, Hogg and Becker combine their heavenly voices with such anthemic, electric hymns as My hope rests firm, Jesus guide me and Our song shall rise to Thee, capturing the essence of God’s heart on this exceptional recording

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