From the Album Almost Home – the Hymns of Matt Boswell and Matt Papa – Vol 2


Verse 1:

All hail the King of Heaven, Christ the Lord of all,
Whom thundering angels circle ‘round ablaze with awe;
Let now the Hallelujah, of earth in glad refrain,
Ascend the throne, To him belongs immortal praise.


All hail the king of heaven,
Creation join together,
Let endless praises crown his name
All hail the king of heaven.

Verse 2: 

All hail the Great Redeemer, who so humbly came
The lamb of our salvation, O for sinners slain
Let now the loud Hosanna resound from shore to shore
You nations say, “His kingdom reigns, forevermore!”

Verse 3:

Let praise of nations rise now as a symphony
To sound the endless wonders of his majesty
Let every heart adore him, the great and small the same
Through generations ever let his anthem ring!