From the Album His Mercy Is More (the Hymns of Matt Boswell and Matt Papa)


Vs 1
I’ve found a treasure that can’t be taken
Found a well that won’t run dry
O worldly pleasure be now forsaken
Behold what love what life is mine

Vs 2
Could endless striving now make me righteous
Could all my works now grant me hope
Oh hallelujah the blood of Jesus
My only plea my only boast

Christ is all Christ is all
And my song will ever be
Christ is all, All in all
And my song will ever be
Christ is all

Vs 3
And in the trial when storms are raging
Though tears may fall my soul will rise
For there’s a peace that is mine un – changing
There is a joy that never dies

Vs 4
When life is passing and strength is fading
I’ll see the One that I adore
Let this world vanish oh give me Jesus
My great desire my true reward