From the Album Together for The Gospel Live V


Mine are days that God has numbered;
I was made to walk with Him.
Yet I look for worldly treasure
And forsake the King of kings.
But mine is hope in my Redeemer;
Though I fall, His love is sure.
For Christ has paid for every failing;
I am His forevermore.

Mine are tears in times of sorrow,
Darkness not yet understood.
Through the valley I must travel
Where I see no earthly good.
But mine is peace that flows from Heaven,
And the strength in times of need.
I know my pain will not be wasted;

Christ completes his work in me.
Mine are days here as a stranger,
Pilgrim on a narrow way.
One with Christ I will encounter
Harm and hatred for His Name.
But mine is armor for this battle,
Strong enough to last the war.
And He has said He will deliver
Safely to the golden shore.
And mine are keys to Zion city
Where beside the King I’ll walk.
For there my heart has found its treasure;
Christ is mine forevermore.

Come rejoice now, O my soul,
For His love is my reward.
Fear is gone and hope is sure:
Christ is mine forevermore.

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