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Jesus Your name, Prince of Peace;
Quiets my soul, treasures the least.
In perfect rest You will keep
All whose hope is in You.
Jesus, Your name can silence the storms;
The strivings that trouble our world.
Jesus Your name reveals you as Lord: Oh powerful name!

Jesus Your name, Counsellor;
Wonderful Way, Life’s Comforter.
Spirit of Truth defending me,
Though in me was the blame.
Jesus, Your name has stood in my place
And freed me from hopeless shame;
Jesus Your name now fathers me; With joy I bear His name.

Jesus, Your name, Mighty God;
All Pow’rful One, ruling in love.
There is a King upon the throne
Earth cannot overthrow.
Jesus, Your name, great banner of hope;
Steadies the knees of the weak.
Jesus, the name all nations will praise; Oh glorious name!

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