From the Album Sing! In Christ Alone


O li-hat-lah Kris-tus yang in-dah
Sum-ber ma-ta air yang me-lim-pah
Nya-nyi-an-ku di ge-lap ma-lam
B’ri ke-kuat-an yang tak-kan pa-dam!
Gu-nung Ba-tu, per-ta-han-an-ku!
Lan-das-an tem-pat-ku ber-tum-pu
So-bat se-ja-ti se-tiap wak-tu
O Kris-tus, ke-ka-sih ji-wa-ku

O li-hat-lah sa-lib yang hi-na
Sum-ber hi-dup se-rah-kan nya-wa
Per-te-muan ka-sih dan k’a-dil-an
Dan mur-ka Al-lah di-pu-as-kan
Ia ma-ti hem-bus-kan hi-dup-ku
Bi-lur-Nya ba-wa kes’la-ma-tan-ku!
‘Ku pen-do-sa yang di-be-nar-kan
Yang tak la-yak pun, Ia me-nang-kan!

O li-hat A-nak Dom-ba Al-lah
Ia bang-kit, buk-ti maut t’lah ka-lah!
Ber-te-lut, s’mua li-dah ka-ta-kan
“Kris-tus Ye-sus a-da-lah Tu-han!”
Da-lam hi-dup, ta-kut pun sir-na
Ma-ti pun ‘ku ‘kan ber-sa-ma-Nya!
Hing-ga ak-hir na-fas ku-hem-bus
Biar ku-ba-wa in-dah-nya Kris-tus!

Da-lam hi-dup, ta-kut pun sir-na
Ma-ti pun ‘ku ‘kan ber-sa-ma-Nya!
Hing-ga ak-hir na-fas ku-hem-bus
Biar ku-ba-wa in-dah-nya Kris-tus!

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Song Story

This song was inspired by a series of text messages from an old friend. Each one of them simply, yet unfailingly, pointed to Christ in the most refreshing way, slowly drawing me to His beauty.

"Beauty has three requirements: integrity, harmony, and clarity."

That was Thomas Aquinas' definition of beauty that helped me tremendously in writing this song, having each word as a strong base for each verse.

Verse one tries to capture a glimpse of the integrity and perfection of Christ. The song starts with the Person himself: who Christ is. It highlights his wholesome, most excellent qualities that remain unchanging from time to time, very much drawn from my own personal walk with Him.

Verse two takes us to the cross, the place where all of Christ’s attributes are marvellously displayed and operate in perfect harmony. These lines are full of paradoxes: the Giver of life gave His own life. Mercy meets justice, satisfying the wrath of God. His death is my life, His wounds are my salvation. Undeserving sinners are made righteous. These are all things that are impossible and yet made possible only through His death on that cross.

Verse three reflects on the clarity and radiance of Christ’s beauty: His glorious resurrection and victory shine unmistakably and invite every tongue to sing. Ultimately, the song concludes with our response as Christians: to carry His beauty, reflected in our everyday lives for all the world to see.

Written during the pandemic and in a time of isolation, the process of crafting this hymn ministered to me deeply. As we witness the fragility of life and all its fleeting glories, we Christians can turn our eyes to Him, finding our eternal hope in the one who outshines this broken and dimming world, knowing that He has overcome it.

-Stefanie Limanputri