From the Album Our Catalog


Love of God revealed in wonder
By the works of a Maker’s hand:
Seas that roar with thund’rous splendour,
Fields that whisper at His command.
All the joys of life we cherish
Are God’s gracious sign
We are children of His promise,
Heirs of mercy and grace divine.

Unfailing love from heaven’s throne,
That sought me out and brought me home;
My song of praise will ever be:
The Father’s love for me.

Love of God revealed in frailty
Through the gift of a servant King;
Lord of life robed in humility,
Prince of Peace crowned with suffering.
Oh what grace, that calls humanity
To kneel at the cross
And exchange our sin’s futility
For the joy of a Father’s love.

Love of God, what priceless treasure
Over all this world affords;
To be His and His forever,
This my glory and my reward!
May this love beyond all knowing
So capture my soul
That I’m filled to overflowing
With a passion for Christ alone!