From the Album Almost Home – the Hymns of Matt Boswell and Matt Papa – Vol 2


O give thanks to the Father
Spring of life, Lord of love
The bountiful, fount of all provision
Come rejoice in his goodness
Count each blessing that comes
From heav’n to earth, now from earth to heaven

O give thanks to God forever
For all he’s done for all he’s given
For every grace, bring every praise
To the giver of all, give thanks 

O give thanks unto Jesus
Sing of his saving love
The Bread of Life, broken for redemption
How he carried the cross to make us daughters and sons
Exalted now, the King of our salvation

O give thanks to the Spirit
Fire of joy, bond of love
O Breath of God, help our hearts remember
Purge our pride with your kindness
Plant this song deep in us
For all the gifts, greater is the Giver