From the Album Joy – An Irish Christmas Live


O come Redeemer of the earth
And bring to us Your holy birth.
Break through the shadows of the night
With Heaven’s pure and radiant light.
O come our long awaited King As songs of adoration ring.
May voices join with every age
To tell the wonders of Your grace.

O come Redeemer of the earth
Where sorrows weep and longings thirst
Release us from the chains of sin
That we may live in peace again
Fulfill the ancient promises
Your Words of life and righteousness
Long loved by those who fear Your name
And look towards Your endless reign

O come Redeemer of the earth
O treasure of eternal worth
Come dwell within our kneeling hearts
Restore and flourish every part
Your very life You come to give
That though we die we yet shall live
And glorify Your holy name
As all the earth you will reclaim.

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