From the Album The North Coast Sessions


You have searched me and You know me
You know when I sit down and when I rise
Lord, you made me, understand me
You see where I walk and where I lie
Before a word is on my tongue
Behold, O Lord, you know it all
Ever with me, all around me
To think on it is too wonderful

Where could I go from Your Spirit?
If up to the heavens, You are there
If I dwell in deepest darkness
The light of Your presence finds me there
If I should rise on wings of dawn
Or settle on a distant shore,
Even then Your hand will guide me
You’re holding me fast forevermore

Search me, know my heart
Test my attitudes
Save me from where I have strayed
To walk in Your everlasting Way

For you saw my unformed body
You knit me within the secret place
I will praise you for I have been
So fearfully, wonderfully made
How vast the sum of all Your thoughts
Oh, how much higher are all Your ways
I will turn from all that’s evil
To live in Your goodness all my days

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